TPU PPF films Car paint protection film Water Repellent Performance Display Hydrophobic Test Machine

Item No.: 238
TPU PPF Hydrophobic Tester film Water Repellent Performance Display Hydrophobic Test Machine

Item Name
TPU PPF Hydrophobic Tester
Material: Acrylic
Voltage & Power: 110-220V,6W
Feature: Stainless steel drip pipe
Packaging: Packed in a Hard Carton Box, the size is 42*26*41cm/ctn
Application: Test hydrophilic function to the film

Connect the hose to the water mercury motor.
Attach the suction cup of the water mercury motor to the corner of the sink.
The water mercury power line is connected with the water mercury motor body.
The LED power cord is connected with the power cord under the base. 
Plug the power cord into the left socket above the back panel. Then add water to the sink.
"Note that the water meter must be higher than the water mercury motor body."
Be available to connect 220 volt plug.


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