What are the car beauty service projects?

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Update time : 2018-06-01 15:16:17

Car Body Beauty Project

Including high-pressure car wash, removal of asphalt, tar and other dirt, waxing brightening and mirror treatment, new car wax, rims, tires, bumper renovation and chassis anti-corrosion coating processing. It also includes the exterior decoration of the body, such as the decoration of the car roof, windows, around the body and wheels.


CX5SH220 Water-saving Steam Washer



Saving water: 1.5-2.5L/min water consumption, saving 90%
Car-caring: Hot water washing up to 60℃, strong decontamination, no need to add chemical cleaning fluid, do not hurt car paint.
Innovation: Secondary steam-water mixing technology. To achieve less water and large momentum.
Multi functions: car washing machine, steam engine combo, has a variety of functions such as car wash, washing engine, dry cleaning carpet, indoor cleaning.
Safety: The machine has five safety protection functions.
Smart: The machine is all intelligent and easy to use.
Durable: Brand new principle design, durable and reliable and less maintenance.

Car surface beauty is mainly foil, chassis armor, engine guards, decorative strips, decorative parts and so on.

Automotive interior beauty items

Can be divided into car beauty, engine beauty and luggage cleaning and other items. The beauty of the car room includes dashboard, roof, carpet, floor mats, seats, seat covers, vacuum cleaner protection for door interiors, and steam sterilization, cold and warm air outlet deodorization, indoor air purification, interior room cleaning, and table panels. Light, interior deodorization, and other items; engine beauty includes engine cleaning, spray protection agent, refurbishment, and three filter tanks, batteries, cleaning, inspection, maintenance projects.



Automatic Mats Cleaner CX5AMC




1. Adopt dry-type bubble spray cleaning technology, maximum efficient dust removal,low moisture content. Immediately user after clean.
2. Instant service:2o SECONDS only to clean one carpet.
3. High quality water absorb rod using imported Japanese material, effectively clean the    leftover of dirties and bubble.
4. With water absorb rod showering function, to keep the water absorb rod clean.
5. Inner electricity leakage protection device for safety.
6. CX5AMCF combines three functions of Foam Wash, Water Wash, and Mixed foam+water Wash in    ONE machine. You are free to choose any one of the three modes to clean your car mats,    according to the degree of pollution.

Car paint beauty project


Lacquer beauty includes car washing, waxing, polishing, sealing glaze, coating, painting, can be divided into oxide film, flying paint, acid rain treatment, paint surface scratches, paint surface damage treatment and spray paint.


CX5-6 Baking Infrared Paint Curing Lamp Heater Heating Light



1. Short-wave infrared lamp is available for the small area care baking.
    It can save time,convenience and economical than spray booth.
2. The base  is made of steel tube,  firm, beautiful and durable.
3. Each lamp can be Independent controlled.
4. High quality short-wave infrared lamp. Special shortwave infrared tube heat baking fast, luminosity soft.
5. Can prevents the paint surface damaged.
6. Using advanced microcomputer touch design,  high-grade appearance,  simple and quick operation. Microcomputer control board,  digital display timing,  digital display power setting.


According to the degree of beauty of the car is divided into general beauty and repair beauty.

General beauty is what people usually say about car beauty, which removes the dirt and dust from the surface of the car and then waxes it to increase the brightness of the body surface.

Rotary and Orbital polishers



900W 15mm Big Orbit Dual Action Polisher CX15

1400W Rotary polisher CX1400


Automotive repair beauty is the site of damage to the body paint film, first paint film repair, and then beauty. This beauty process is: sand scratches → fast-drying putty → grinding → quick-drying primer → coating varnish → clear interface. Car repair beauty must be done in a more formal car beauty center. It needs special equipment and tools. It must have a certain repair beauty process in order to meet the basic requirements of car beauty.