Truck Wheel Aligner CX5-TAR-4

Item No.: 123
Wheel Alignment for heavy duty vehicle
CCD truck wheel alignment
Resist strong light
With CE approved


Number of measurable axis: dual axis
Measurable vehicle length:   14m
Total toe-in of each axis: +10°~-10°(±0.02°)
Single toe-in of each axis: +5°~-5°(±0.01°)
Camber of each wheel:  +10°~-10°(±0.01°)
Caster of turning wheel: +25°~-25°(±0.03°)
K.P.I of turning wheel: +25°~-25°(±0.03°)


1. Thanks to internal dual-core process(DSP&CPLD),it could work under special environment to resist strong light such as sunshine and working lamp.
2. Tanks to the latest bluetooth 2.0 wireless communication system,the most effcient and anti-interference frequency can be selceted automatically.
3. Comprehensive special measurement functions such as trend difference,wheelbase difference,especially the toe-in curve suit for A6/B5 urta-low chassis vehicles.
4. Thanks to 8 beams 50 degree wide-angle CCD,it could measure wider and faster.
5. Thanks to the intelligent power management, measuring heads alarm for lack of power and battery overcharge protection,makes the battery life extends greatly.
6. Exchange of measuring heads no need calibration.
7. Automatic alarm for measuring heads inccurate
8. Database could be upgraded by internet.New vehicle data could be added to custom datum    by users with the original data remain the same.
9. With automatic recovery system and black box diagnosis.
10. 19'' LCD
  1. With other basic conventional features(e-level,muti-language options,adjust animation,etc.)


Packing details

Warranty: 12 months

Lead time: One week
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