LT-1600A truck tire changer 14”-26”

Item No.: 070
Tyre ring dimension: 14”-26”

LT-1600A big tyre mounting/dismounting machine with high automation, simple operation and convenient use. No matter what vacuum tyre or tyre with depression bar is bale to easily mount/dismount, it can not only reduce the labor strength, but also can protect the tyre against damage, it is a desired special tool for automobile reparation industry.


Applicable to tyre ring dimension: 14”-26”
Applicable to tyre dimension: 1600mm
Width: 800mm
Electric motor: 1.1/1.5KW,380V
Weight of complete machine: 595kg
Overall dimension:(L×W×H): 1640×1400×1240

Packing list

Rim plier 1PCS
Lubricant 1BOTTLE
Fuse 1BOX
Brush 1PCS
Funnel 1PCS
Short  Lever 1PCS
Instruction  Manual 1SET


Warranty: 12 months

Lead time: One week
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