Electric Dic polisher

Item No.: 147
Disc Sander
Ponceuse a Disque
Levigatrice Rotative
Roterende Schuurmachine
Lijadora Rotativa
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1. Structure and use

This tool belongs to H type of electric-driving tools, safe and reliable, advanced technological level, high efficiency, convenient repair it is the ideal tool for working on antomobiles, fumiture decorating and etc.

2. Technical parameter

Power: 110V/220V-240V 50/60hz

Rated power: 2400W

Rated current: 6.04  

Spend: 1000-3000rotate/min

Dim of Polish Machine: 180mm

Net weight: 3.2kg




Parts List

1. Roller

2. Bearing

3. Bearing cover

4. Rotor

5. Screw M8*20

6. Washer

7. Handle

8. Bearing cover

9. Bearing 6201

10. Gear box

11. Screw ST4.8*35

12. Stop cover

13. Spring

14. Screw M5*16

15. Screw M5*12

16. Stop pin

17. Bearing 0810

18. Axle Check Ring

19. Gear

20. Axle Check Ring

21. Packing gland

22. Screw M4*16

23. Dust cover

24. Spindle

25. Wool wheel

26. Key 4*12

27. Brush cap

28. Carbon brush

29. Brush holder

30. Name plate

31. Stator

32. Screw ST4.8*70

33. Housing Ass'y

34. Label

35. Handle(L)

36. Cord cover

37. Cord

38. Cord flange

39. Screw ST4.2*18

40. Handle(R)

41. Switch

42. Rivet 2*10

43. Spring

44. Switch

45. Name plate


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