Digital Tread Depth Gauge

Item No.: 240
1. Range:0-25.4mm
2. Resolution:0.01mm

1. Range:0-25.4mm
2. Resolution:0.01mm
3. Working temp.:0-40℃
4. Battery:SR44/LR44,1.5V

1. Keep the gauge clera
2. No water oil on bar(1)
3. Remove battery when not used for long periods
4. Display flashes when battery power is low
5. Accidental display failure:take out battery for 30seconds

How to use:
1.Insert battery in(2),+pole upward
2. Switch ON(4)
3. Put base(5) on flat surface and press bar(1) downward
4. Set ZERO(3)
5. Put gauge on tyre,hold stable and press bar tip(6) into tyre profile
6. Read profile depth value directly
7. Switch OFF(4)or continue

Digital Tread Depth Gauge
1. Range:0-25.4mm 2. Resolution:0.01mm
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