CX5-3S Mid Rise Movable Scissor lift 3000kg

Item No.: 201
3000 kg lift capacity
Lift height of 1000 mm
Mobile design with wheels fitted
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The CX5-3S midrise scissor hoist is perfect for any workshop that specialise in tyre fitting, wheel base maintenance & body work.
With the new added feature of lock-up ramps, the platforms length can effectively be extended to accommodate a larger range of vehicles.


Lifting capacity: 6600Lbs/3000kg
Lifting Height: 1000mm
Min Height: 4.7"/120mm
Platform Length: 56"/1420mm
Platform Width: 20"/510mm
Extensible length: 80"/2030mm
Width Between two platforms: 69"/1750mm
Lifting Time: 35 seconds
Power supply:    220v/380v 1ph/3ph
Power               3kw
Net Weight: 881Lbs/400kg
Packing details: 487kg




Customer feedback

Warranty: 12 months

Lead time: One week


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