CX5-340 Nitrogen Tire Inflator

Item No.: 077
Description Manufactory
Note:   Can only be used in car tires, it can’t be used in food.
Compared with the general high pressure air, high purity nitrogen lack of moisture or oxidative. Reduce the speed of the tire heat accumulating; it can greatly reduce the chance of a puncture.

N2 inflation for heavy vehicles.
European design with ABS cabinet.
Larger LED display.
Tertiary air filter to keep out the impurities.
With 10m inflation pipe and pressure gun.
40L N2 storage tank built-in.

Nitrogen purity: 95%-99%
Air compressor required: 8-16kg
N2 outlet pressure: 0-15kg
N2 generation speed: 50-70L/min
N2 storage tank inside: 40L
Net weight: 125kg
Dimension: 770*560*1600mm



Warranty: 12 months

Lead time: One week