CX5-2S spray paint bake booth

Item No.: 080
Vehicles spray booth provides a closed environment for vehicles painting with pressure controlling. As we know that dust free, appropriate temperature and wind speed are necessary for painting.
Then this spray booth can provide a relatively ideal painting environment; this can be controlled by several groups of ventilation, heating system and filtering system etc. Heated air produced by the burner can help the spray booth to hold a suitable temperature, air flow and illumination.

Our advantages
Ventilation of the spray booth
CX5 spray booth has several ventilation systems which provide better painting conditions. All the filter systems and air exhaust systems underneath create a efficiently vertical air flow; and this air flow distribute inside of the booth evenly; then this air flow make over spray removing away from the vehicle immediately and completely.
Air recirculate on baking model
100% of the air produced by the fan is transported into CX5 spray booth during the baking model; and only 15%-20% is expelled outside which means the balance 85%-80% is recovered and filled up with fresh air by means of the changeover damper.
The inner temperature of the CX5 spray booth raises rapidly; Then the heating system will power off at once when it reaches at baking temperature, this will save more energy.
The lighting system is provided by 32pcs*36w Philip tubes with electronic ballast. They are sealed with 5mm tempered safety glass. Our spray booth lighting system is able to supply enough lighting with lower energy consume safely.

The filtering system is made up by high-efficiency filters. The filers hold higher dust retention capacity and lower resistance to the air passage. The long life designing reduces frequency of replacement, which is contributing to reductions in running costs.

CX5-2S  Spray booth Main System
Cabin system Wall panel -Sandwich style EPS 50mm thickness, width:1000mm, with0.376mm thickness steel,  anti-flame and heat-insulation.
-High quality galvanized steel roof panel.
Optional color: white, blue, orange or red etc.
Basement -Galvanized steel assemble,300mm high,quadrate steel support,2 rows of grills,3 rows of indented plates.
-2 ramps,external setting,620*2000mm(W*L)/pc
Ventilation system Inlet fan 1*7.5KW turbo fan, air capacity: 25000m³/h, direct drive,with Siemens technology production
Outlet fan 1*7.5KW turbo fan, air capacity: 25000m³/h, direct drive,with Siemens technology production
Cabinet setting type -Intake air from side upper ,adopt powder quadrate steel frame , strong and beautiful .
-Air duct*2m long*1unit,
-Elbow:90°*1 unit
Airflow speed 0.4m/s,ventilation rate:320time/h
Heating system Burner Italy RIELLO G20 oil burner, Max. heating capacity: 180000Kcal/h,
with BELIMO 10N electric damper
Heat Exchanger 1.2mm thickness SUS304 stainless steel
Cabinet Rock-wool insulation*1 unit
Lighting system Ceiling lights 32pcs*36w Philip tubes with electronic ballast .
Side lights Optional
Filtering system Primary filter Grade G2 plate type , filtering rate>83%
Ceiling filter EU5 grade high efficient filter,filtering rate>98%
Floor filter Multi-layer fiberglass filter,filtering rate>70%
Control system Control panel Intelligent control system
Function Painting, risen-temperature painting, baking, time setting, lighting,  failure indication, thermostatic switch, power switch, emergency stop
Voltage/Frequency 380V,50HZ,3 phase
Total power 16.2KW


CX5-2S  Spray booth Parameters
Outside size 7000×5350×3400mm(L×W×H)
Inside size 6900×3900×2650mm(L×W×H)
Entrance door 3 folds,3000x2600 mm(W×H), bending steel without covered frame
Emergency door 650*1800mm(W*H),equipped with handle lock
Width of entrance 650mm
Height of entrance 1800mm
Inlet fan capacity 2500m³/h
Outlet fan capacity 25000m³/h
Free air speed:(m/s) 0.35
Frequency of air exchange:(time/h) 320time/h
Max. Working temperature: 80℃
Max. Heating productivity(kcal/h) 180000Kcal/h
Lllumination:(Lux) ≥1500
Air filter efficiency ≥95%
Noise:(db)A <85
Total power(Kw) 16.2


Warranty: 12 months

Lead time: 15 days