CX5-007 Paintless Dent Repair for Iron

Item No.: 235
Auto Body Repair Just 30 Sec


1.CX5-007 is easy to use, any worker with a background in metal composition can master it in three minutes.
2.CX5-007 can fix soft dents on metal surfaces in only thirty seconds.
3.Rapidly recoup their investment. In one case, a customer was able to recoup their investment after repairing only six cars.
4.Features a large display screen for precise control and monitoring progress in real-time.
5.Application: soft dent, dent in non-marginal area,dings creases and hail damage .
6.Certificate CE FCC RoHS PSE.
7.Repair method: With rapid, focused heating induction on the dent surrounding via the repair handle, the dent stretched and repaired by itself.                                                  
8.Time control mode: Repair dark color dent suggested.
The working time can be preset while the power is always 100%, meaning if you want to heat for example 0.5 sec, then you can preset this time and it will stop working after the set time. The time setting range from 0.5 sec to 4 sec. This can be helpful in the dent removal application to avoid burning the dent. We also added an extra dial ” MAX” to extend the working time as you want.
9.Power control mode: Repair light color dent suggested.
The power can be preset from 20% to 100%. Using the power control mode, the working time can be adjusted by ON/OFF on the repair handle.


Input Voltage:100V-110V 60Hz
Input Current:2.2A
Output Power:240W
Output Voltage:90v
Output Current:7A

Input Voltage:220V-240V 50Hz
Input Current:1.5A
Output Power:320W
Output Voltage:170V
Output Current:7A

Packing List

PDR Main*1
Main Cable*1(3M)
Power Cable*1(1.5M)
Repair Handle*1

Package Size:39x33x12
Package Weight:3.5 Kg

CX5-007 Paintless Dent Repair for Iron
Auto Body Repair Just 30 Sec
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