Coating thickness gauge

Item No.: 109
1. Thickness measurement using both Magnetic Method and Eddy Current Method to measure the non-magnetic coating on a magnetic metal substrate, or non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate.
2. Single-point or two-point method could be used to correct probe system deviation, in order to ensure the accuracy of the device in the process of measuring.
3. Fast automatic identification of iron and non-iron substrate.
4. Power voltage indicator.
5. Speaker beep while operating.
6. Power-off automatically when idle; manually power-off available.
7. Negative display function to ensure the accuracy of zero point calibration.
8. Ultra-low power consumption, less than 10 μA in standby mode.

Technical Data
Measuring range: 0-1250μm
Power supply: 2*AA batteries
Measurement deviation: zero calibration ± (1+3% H);
          two-point calibration ±[(1%~3% H)] H+1.5
Ambient temperature: 0`40℃
Relative humidity: ≤85%
Minimum substrate: 10*10mm
Minimum curvature: 5mm convex; 5mm concave
Thinnest substrate: 0.4mm
Weight: 99g (with battery)
Size: 102mm*66mm*24mm

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