AJD-1Q Pneumatic tire vulcanizer tire repair

Item No.: 113
This series works for all kinds of inner tubes, passenger car tires and vacuum tires.
Signal light circuit protection.
It has 15 minutes timer.


Working method: Air operated with hand valve
Working pressure: 0.6Mpa
Input voltage: 110V or 220V
Input power: 500W
Temperature Rage: 145-165℃
Max. Repair Area: 120*80mm²
G.W.: 9kg
N.W.: 8kg
MEAS: 320*195*510mm

Lower mold can be used on mass market cars’ tires, truck tires, premium car extra wide tire and RSC. It can also repair the sidewall.

Its upper mold column and arm have been widening, strengthening, mold temperature can be adjusted as needed.

It adopts auto-constant-temperature, Air-operated press tightly, hand valve.

It adopts auto- constant-temperature can be adjusted as needed.

It features galvanic signal indication, short circuit protection, working time setting or always working setting optionally.

Be suitable for various type inner tubes, car outer tube and tubeless tire.

Tire Repair Methods

1. Locate and mark the injury on the outside and inside of the tire.
2. Remove the object from the tire. Inspect the injury to determine the location, size and angle of penetration. Roughen the surface of the injury with a low rpm buffer. The roughened area should be larger than the injury.
3. Hot setting glue should be applied uniformly on the roughened area of the tire. Make a piece of raw rubber with appropriate size and paste it on the injury. Stitch the repair unit firmly pressing down from the center toward the outer edges. This will eliminate trapping air under the repair unit.
4. Press on pasted raw rubber with iron. It is recommended to put thin iron plate on top of the raw rubber. Users should try to keep the central area of the iron and the injury on the same vertical line, and then fasten the screw rod to vulcanize the tire.
5. Connect the machine with power supply and set the timer to an appropriate time for repairing tire. If time is not required for the repairing, users can turn off the time manually.
6. The power supply will be cut off automatically when the set repair ends. But users need to wait until the machine is cooled down. Always turn off the power first then take off the tire.


1. Power supply must be disconnected when installing/uninstalling the tire.
2. The upper and lower iron of the machine can be hot when being applied. Use the machine carefully to avoid scald.
3. Keep the machine away from corrosive or acid-base substances.
4. Users can use fine sand paper to polish clean and iron at the surface; otherwise it will affect the repairing results.
5. If the iron is not reaching at the ideal temperature, please follow the trouble shooting steps:

Check connection between plug of irons and socket of the rack. Redo the plug if the connection is flexible.
Check if there is burnout and rupture on fuses. Replace fuses if it is not available.
Check if there is looseness and separation on timing switch. Press and fasten the switch, and then reopen the timing switch for trial.

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