AJD-10 Cart tire type vulcanizing machine for tire sidewall repair

Item No.: 111

Packing size: 685×435×130mm
Input voltage: 110V/220V
Temperature scope: 145-165
Input power: 500W*2
Color: Blue
Application: Industrial Auto Repair

Vulcanizing tire sidewall

01 diameter 16.2CM
02  diameter 13.5CM
03  length 13.8CM  width  11.7CM
04  length 15.3CM    width  11.5-13CM
05  length 16.8CM  width  13.8CM
06  8.8+10.6CM  width 15.4CM  big radian
07  9.4+11.1CM  width15.4CM  small radian


Featured with timer, auto-temperature control, short circuit protection.
Upper and down iron can work separately and together.
Equipped with seven plates and sand bag.
Able to repair tire tread, tire sidewall, tire crown.
Applicable for inner tubes, medium to large tire and vacuum tire.

1. Temperature rise or constant has the signal indication short circuit protection, the top and bottom irons are controlled by respective switch.
2. This machine equipped with 7-set universal aluminum films, kinds of connecting rods, trolley and handhold tire spreader can meet all need when
repair tires. (Just need to choose the corresponding molds and connecting rods when repair damages on tire shoulder, crown, sidewall.) The sandbag, blend plate and irons make the repairing work more convenient and save-time.

3. Be applicable for various tire inner tubes, large and medium scale outer tubes, tubeless.

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